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Weekly Tales is a platform dedicated to documenting the nuances of people and place, with a focus on the overlooked and/or underappreciated. It is our aim to amplify voices via storytelling, to revive our collective knowledge of forgotten local history, community spaces and important social movements. We do so by adopting a slow and considered approach to our journalism.


We encourage collaborators to get in touch with documentary projects that are fitting for Weekly Tales. Whether an article, a selection of photographs or a documentary proposal, we respond to all lines of enquiry. Please submit via email.


Weekly Tales offers a partnership package for brands and organisations that share our values. We create content that is honest and thoughtful whilst maintaining a collaborative approach. For more information, please get in touch.


Weekly Tales offers advertising space and advertorials to brands, organisations and people that align with the values promoted by Weekly Tales. For more information regarding what we can offer, please get in touch.


Founding Editor:
Cameron Kennedy-McFarlane

David Severn

Creative Lead:
In-Col Studio

Documentary Production:
Imogen Bennett and Gaby Russell

Staff Photographer and Writer:
Jared Phanco

Art Direction & Development:
In-Col Studio

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